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Issue #18

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Now the reason we are all here ⬇️

Product of the week #18

I remember coming across this product years ago, when I was still a newbie to coding and was helping my freelance clients with any sort of no-code tools that I could.

As opposed to many products that come and go, this one is still here and I am still using it to this day (actually this email was made with it 👀)

Meet Stripo 💌

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Website link:

Stripo is a no-code (/low code if you really want to) tool that lets you create good looking emails easily.

It was started by 3 friends (DmitryAlexeyAndrew) in 2017 and it grew to 57 employees, helping 600k people create better emails since. That’s quite a journey!

Its functionality grew quite a bit too, but this is still how I use it: I start any new project by setting up brand colours, fonts & font sizes, then use this base template every time I want to write a new email. And that’s pretty much it!

That being said, there are a few particular details that make me always come back to this tool, like the fact that they’ve made handling email graphics a lot easier, with an in-app image editor that lets you crop /resize /add filters /anything else you might need for your graphics, without breaking your flow.

Also any edits that you make to your emails are saved as you go, so that if your tab closes by accident, you can pick up where you left off from the same machine or any other. And when you are all done, you can easily export your email in various formats, ready for any email campaign manager you might use.

Besides this functionality & over 1000 pre-built templates & a custom template design service, you can now also embed Stripo in your own SaaS so that your users can easily create their own emails straight from your app, if that’s something that would add value to your particular SaaS ofc.

It really is an awesome tool that I’ve been using time & time again and it never let me down!

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And this week’s maker story comes from Chima, who is trying help other makers gain momentum through achievement-focused journaling

Chima’s product:

I’m Chima (@chmanw) the Founder of faybl and it’s a product I’m really hoping will change the way people feel about themselves for the better. The product is an achievement-focused journal which encourages you to start journaling using only the moments that made you feel positive/proud/happy. The aim of this is to create a history of proud moments/achievements that you can look back on to build your self-confidence, retrain a negative internal voice and create momentum to try achieve bigger and better things.

I wanted to build faybl because, after lockdown, I knew I was ready to pivot my career from full-time employee to SaaS owner. The only problem was I felt fear and doubt more than excitement and energised, and the only thing that made me feel like I could even walk this path was remembering past achievements and using the feeling of excelling as momentum. I then thought, “Someone else could benefit from this!”

I’ve built a product that allows and encourages users to journal using their past achievements/ proud moments. A key feature is reminding users of their past achievements on a schedule of their choice. I’m also teaching users through articles about building/maintaining self-confidence, motivation and a positive internal voice. I want to build a community of positive and supportive people, all helping each other build and maintain a positive internal so people can smash their goals and become the person they’ve always wanted to be.

In terms of challenges – honestly, figuring out what I should be doing next; lol I know it sounds silly but sometimes it feels like there’s so much to be done, but where do I start? And another thing is marketing because I’m a dev by trade, so it’s an entirely new arena, but I’m enjoying it so far!

Check out Chima’s tools stack & connect with him↓

Chima's tools stack

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