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The story behind SaaS Wisdom

Hello there, we are Zubair and Noman trying to build SaaS Wisdom. A cohort-based community of software developers who are working on their side projects


While running a Dev agency for several years, I got to work with many software developers. One thing I noticed is that developers are good at programming.Β They develop the skills required to build a full-scale SaaS Application as they grow in their career. Like everyone else, they have startup ideas, and they also have the skills to build the products. But I have seen, developers in general are not well versed in business, marketing, and growth aspects of a startup


We wanted to address this pain point and help developers become entrepreneurs. SaaS Wisdom is a Cohort Based Course (CBC) specifically designed for software developers. This course gives them a step-by-step roadmap of how to build, launch and grow their side projects. It’s a 30 days Cohort, where a developer learns through live sessions, peer reviews, assignments, collabs, and more. We want developers to feel at home, so this course is beginner friendly. It is being designed by industry experts focusing on explaining business concepts and marketing frameworks in simple language. We will also try to ensure that we are answering the queries of all the students and conducting 1v1 sessions.


Creation of a valuable course content, creation of cohort plan, building a pool of candidates, building the community, engaging with the community etc are the real challenges that we came across in the process. We have just opened our early beta and the applications for the first batch. This batch is completely Free for our students, where we are going to shortlist the candidates from the applications received.


All the applications get the Lifetime access to our Communities on Slack & Discord.

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