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Hi, I’m Max (@maximehugodupre) and I’m the indie maker behind πŸ˜‡. Birdy has the ambitious goal of getting you more followers by enabling you to optimize your Twitter profile via A/B testing. But more on this later.


First, here’s my little backstory…


I was never a fan of social media until I came across the fantastic indie maker community on Twitter. It made me realise, now that I finally found a place to share all my software ideas and a seemingly endless pool of like-minded people, I should start building in public! I’ve been in love with Twitter ever since (it’s been nothing short of life-changing 🀩)


After giving it a shot with some productivity apps (kisstodo πŸ’‹+ microbreakboss ☠️) and having some small successes, I realized I needed to build something more niche.


So I started experimenting with the Twitter API. I tried out a couple ideas, like a straightforward tool that lets you find out your top 10 most used Twitter emojis πŸ™Œ and a more elaborate Twitter bot which gained me quite a bit of engagement (see what happened here), but had everyone too scared to use on their own account πŸ˜‚.


They are now both part of the “other tools” on, which brings me to my current project! A tool for Twitter profile A/B testing. I thought I was a genius for having this idea πŸ€“, until I found out at least 3 people had the same idea πŸ˜…. With me being the only one who’s actually gone ahead and implemented it, which makes me either a fool or a genius. I guess only time will tell! works like this: You enter two different profile versions (A and B), with different combinations of Bio, Location and Website. Click “START”. Birdy will then automatically update your profile at regular intervals by alternating between versions A and B, tracking which converts to more followers and website clicks. Iterate as many times as you want, until find out your ideal profile version!


So far, after 1.5 weeks of being out into the world, I have 2 paid users and 2 free trial users.


I’m excited to see what the future holds for Birdy as I plan to eventually go far beyond just Twitter profile A/B testingΒ πŸš€

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