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adventure enthusiast w/ a background in Psych + Global Comms. Co-founder + CMO of @givekoya . Let’s make the 🌍 more meaningfully connected!

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I grew up in an innovative household. In fact, my dad started his first company at our kitchen table. So in 2018, when he mentioned wanting to start a family business, we were excited about the opportunity to do something together.


Before starting KOYA (Kindness On YA), my older sister, Caryn, and I were global storytellers, meaning we were gone 60-80% of the year. We missed birthdays, holidays, bad days, and even breakups. We missed a lot of important milestones and were eager to find a solution to this pain point. There wasn’t a good way to show up from a distance.


Initially, we created an app that used geolocation to trigger the delivery of both the message and gift. While people enjoyed the idea, we struggled to find product market fit, especially during the pandemic when everyone was suddenly homebound. While our initial product might not have been the right solution to the problem, our value proposition resonated with people. Everyone was missing their family and friends, and everyone was missing important life events during the pandemic. Suddenly, it felt like the whole world was experiencing our pain point. In response, we made it possible for people to schedule KOYAs instead of sending them to locations and we also decided to pivot our business from B2C to B2B. We did this to accommodate businesses transitioning to remote work.


The goal of KOYA is to help others connect in a meaningful way. Whether you are the manager of a remote team, are in sales looking to foster warm leads, or a service provider wanting to thank your referrals, we hope you use KOYA to intentionally show up for your people.


Thanks for checking out our product. If you have any feedback or feature requests, you can find me on Twitter @courtneyruthw or email me at I’m a Capricorn, so I reply to every email. πŸ˜‰

by Courtney Ruth

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