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I’m Chima (@chmanw) the Founder of faybl and it’s a product I’m really hoping will change the way people feel about themselves for the better. The product is an achievement-focused journal which encourages you to start journaling using only the moments that made you feel positive/proud/happy. The aim of this is to create a history of proud moments/achievements that you can look back on to build your self-confidence, retrain a negative internal voice and create momentum to try achieve bigger and better things.


I wanted to build faybl because, after lockdown, I knew I was ready to pivot my career from full-time employee to SaaS owner. The only problem was I felt fear and doubt more than excitement and energised, and the only thing that made me feel like I could even walk this path was remembering past achievements and using the feeling of excelling as momentum. I then thought, “Someone else could benefit from this!”


I’ve built a product that allows and encourages users to journal using their past achievements/ proud moments. A key feature is reminding users of their past achievements on a schedule of their choice. I’m also teaching users through articles about building/maintaining self-confidence, motivation and a positive internal voice. I want to build a community of positive and supportive people, all helping each other build and maintain a positive internal so people can smash their goals and become the person they’ve always wanted to be.


In terms of challenges – honestly, figuring out what I should be doing next; lol I know it sounds silly but sometimes it feels like there’s so much to be done, but where do I start? And another thing is marketing because I’m a dev by trade, so it’s an entirely new arena, but I’m enjoying it so far!

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