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Evolve or die. The world faced many challenges this past month, so these words have never been so actual. Companies had to reinvent themselves in a different world with new contexts, challenges, and opportunities.As a user-centered company, we are close to our users. So we chat for hours with them to understand their new challenges and how évolt can help them embrace new business opportunities and reinvent themselves.We quickly understood that companies wanted to be closed to their users than ever before. Therefore, they had to deeply understand what matters most for their users, leading to reduced risks on their next move.Our mission has become clear to us. First, we needed to help companies connect to their users to evolve in a good way and create better products. So, as we start as a design thinking platform, we should focus on the discovery phase.We identified significant pain points regarding collecting feedback: increasing the answer rate on a survey, targeting the right personas, getting feedback continuously, and analysing qualitative data; they are a lot of problems to solve.From this perspective, we decided to close many of our apps to focus on the features that will help us achieve this new mission. As a result, we now put all our efforts into the survey app we already have. So you will see a lot of evolutions on this one in the following weeks.Plus, a new start means a new name, so we are happy to revealthat évolt is now Told.This name reflects our new ambition. We want to help you connect with your users and « Reveal the untold.»

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