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Issue #38

Hello, Daniela here 👋

I built CtrlAlt.CC to make it easier for you to find helpful tools for startup tasks & now I’m bringing a few cool products 🧰 to your inbox every week 💌

Product of the week #38

This week the Product of the week 🏆 goes to LoopGenius, nominated by logan 🏅 who has: “Automated the process of building landing pages and connecting with micro influencers across social media. The combination of efforts would have taken a lot more people or a lot more money without this tool.”

& also nominated by chuck 🏅 who used LoopGenius to help: “build waitlist landing pages for several offers and then start getting way more engagement on twitter in my niche. Excited to use this to impress clients!”

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🔗 Product link:

💬 Description: A dead-simple way to grow that idea you’ve always wanted to build

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Latest tools 🦩

bengin‘s product, User-Journey has been added to the directory under the Customer interactions 💬 & Marketing tools 📢  filters

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Free Privacy Policy has been added to the directory the Legal 📝 filter

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Articles from the community 📰

tom published a new article: From exploring your passions to identifying gaps in the market, our post offers practical and actionable tips to help you brainstorm innovative business concepts that are sure to stand out from the competition.”

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Vincenius published a new article: “A guide on how to code your own AI in 2023. It focuses on the critical parts of the fastai course.”

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Mariam published a new article: “Latest issue of AI Brews: AI-Powered Self-Organizing Workspace” 

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🔗 Article link:

Don’t forget to nominate a tool 🏅 for next week! The more nominations a tool gets the more likely it is to win “Product of the week” 🏆 next!

Also, how is your “random tool” streak for this week looking? 👀

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