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Issue #14

Hello, Daniela here 👋

I built CtrlAlt.CC to make it easier for you to find helpful tools for startup tasks & now I’m bringing one cool product to your inbox, every so often.

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Product of the week #14

This issue is quite exciting as it features the first ever “product of the week” recommended by a reader 🥳 (would love to hear what your favourite products are too!)

That reader is Danielle – a psychotherapist who, besides using Superhuman for business & personal email, loves using this product to help with productivity ⬇️

Meet Focusmate ⏳Focusmate screenshot

Website link:

After attending a productivity session designed to help people catch up on clinical documentation, Danielle found working with someone else really helpful.

So she started searching for an online co-writing space that she could use anytime she wanted to & came across Focusmate. She’s been using  it ever since to help with tasks that she would otherwise procrastinate on or let drag on for too long and she has nothing but great things to say about it!

Focusmate was started by @taylorjacobson after he left his corporate job and became a coach for entrepreneurs. He created it in a bid to help people beat procrastination in a similar way that he was helping his entrepreneur clients, who were paying thousands of dolars for his services (and judging by how much Danielle enjoys using it, I’d say he’s done a great job in achieving that goal!)

They have a great FAQs page that will answer most of the questions you might have when analysing if this tool would suit your work style, but in a nutshell the setup offers 3 free sessions per week, with an upgrade option available if you need a few more!

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As for this week’s maker story – this comes from Goutham, a no-code maker on a mission!

Goutham’s product:

“Hey, I’m Goutham (@gouthambandaru_ on Twitter)! An ex-international student, first-generation migrant, solopreneur (for now), no-code (can’t even print “Hello World”) and a student of life. Over the last 6 years moving to Australia, it took a lot of passion, dedication along with imagination.

I love startups, it doesn’t matter if they are huge, big, small or tiny. I strongly believe they are the ONLY way to scratch your itch, test your worth and provide value to a niche from day-1.

Going through multiple accelerator programs, I got fed up with the amount of emphasis on pitch deck building and glamorising that “Your pitch deck solely decides your startup’s future”. There’s also an abundance of free information out there for people who want to start a business and as you’ve probably seen, it’s often outdated, incomplete, SEO driven, or simply more “I am a GURU” theory.

My team and I spent the last year focused on one thing: “How can we serve the startup ecosystem better?“. That’s taken us on a journey. From the first MVP of the Founders’ Book to building out a suite of products, tailored to founders and early-stage startups. Here’s what will help you build your business inside Founders’ Book:

Digital Content Library – Knowledge base with tools, resources, guides, and hacks to ideate, plan, build and scale your startup

Startup OS – Eliminate 10+ productivity apps and build your startup with Notion. Significant savings on both cost and learning curve fronts

Startup Credits – The current investment landscape is very competitive and not looking good for many first-time founders and early-stage startups. Increasing runway by spending less on their SaaS subscriptions will give you an operational advantage.

Our primary goal at Founders’ Book is to re-skill and pre-skill the next generation of founders and startups. It is an honest attempt to support aspiring and first-time founders to identify new startup opportunities and understand the art of starting up and the convergence of the Internet, consumer technology, automation, content, curation, platform, no-code economies and beyond.

Would love to chat over a coffee and support you with your journey! Drop me a line on and let’s connect.”

You can check out Goutham’s CtrlAltCC profile and find out what tools he likes using ↓

Goutham's tools on CC

.. and you can also make your own profile if you want to show what tools you’ve been using for your own tasks!

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